business cooperation programEnhancing business cooperations with local government while capturing lost sales and use tax revenues through the State Board of Equalization pooling practices or unfavorable business practices.

Partner with you so YOU can…
Maximize your sales and use tax revenues by:

  • Obtaining the cooperation of businesses that could provide material benefit to the City.
  • Obtaining the cooperation of developers/contractors working on projects that could provide material benefit to the City.
  • Reviewing your purchasing practices to determine whether additional use taxes can be directly allocated to your City, or whether tax-planning steps can be initiated to minimize your own sales and use taxes.

As a partner YOU receive multiple benefits…

  • Your City expends minimal resources! We provide businesses with all the necessary procedures and forms to make the necessary reallocations, assist in the completion of the forms, and help revise their businesses’ procedures.
  • You foster a business friendly community by providing businesses a way to invest in the community without increasing their taxes.
  • We tailor the program to meet your needs and the business activity levels within your City, so your results and benefits are maximized.