parking citation

New Opportunities with Parking/Citation Ticket Collections

Hundreds of millions of dollars are owed to cities, universities and other parking authorities throughout the United States. New York City is owed over $400 million in parking fines. The City of Los Angeles is owed over $200 million in parking fines. Yet, the evolution of collection methods has not evolved with the technology. Until now.

MuniServices delivers cutting edge License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology to parking authorities with no cost. Using the latest in infrared plate scanning technology with a 90% accuracy rate, MuniServices can quickly locate cars with unpaid parking fines and alert the local authorities. At that point, it is at the discretion of the parking authorities hands to tow or not tow.

MuniServices is focused on innovating to create new opportunities to recover revenue from unpaid parking tickets.

  • Find scofflaws with more than 5 unpaid tickets
  • Collect outstanding revenue
  • Increase revenues without increasing taxes