Alcohol Audit & Discovery • Monitoring

Bottles and glasses of alcohol drinks

Assists state and local government in enhancing alcohol license and tax revenue generation from the manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of distilled spirits, malt beverages, and wine.

MuniServices’s service includes the following elements:

  • Investigation and discovery of unlicensed dealers and non-compliant licensees
  • Identification of misallocated wholesale excise tax revenues among jurisdictions
  • Mathematical modeling, and other analysis and investigations, to detect underreporting of the tax and sale of untaxed alcohol
  • Financial compliance review of licensees
  • Dissemination of record-keeping, collection, and other compliance advice to licensees
  • Seminars for licensees and client staff
  • Technical support and follow-up
  • Collection assistance to include turn-key administration of alcohol tax

The team assembled to perform this work developed the proprietary methodology and has had years of experience in its application. MuniServices’s highly efficient and productive detection methodology has withstood every challenge in court, both at the state and federal level, and has resulted in the generation of millions of additional dollars for our clients.

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