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Business Tax Servicesfemaleauditor

Whether we serve as your business tax administration department or as your discovery and compliance staff, MuniServices works with each of your municipality’s businesses to ensure increased compliance and revenues.


  • Complete Administration
  • Online File and Pay
  • Discover Unlicensed Businesses
  • Compliance Review and Business Tax Audit


  • Maximized Business Tax Revenue
  • Increased Compliance Rate
  • Minimized Operation Costs
  • Leveled Playing Field


A business license management system that generates real-time data at the touch of a button—all you need is a PC and access to the Internet.

Do it All…On-Line!

Business license certificate renewal processing allows business to renew their certificate on-line, saving your staff and customers valuable time. More importantly, the flexibility of having a web-based solution allows BizLINK™ to be easily customized to meet your individual needs:

  • Your organization’s interdepartmental routing and approval tracking rules and procedures are considered, eliminating the need to purchase custom certificates and forms.
  • Program features include Situs demographics, owner and contact information, and details about the business: Hazardous materials, alarm system, monitoring information, sales tax generation, etc.
  • All of the elements populated within the system city code to SIC/NAICS cross-reference tables.
  • Business/Special Improvement District licensing, reporting, and tracking transaction logs, and the historical tracking of business inventory can all be done as an easy-to-use field exam guide.
  • Customer Relationship Management Access is secure via a virtual private network or other secure communication links.

Mail Merge Makes it Easy!

The renewal notification mail merge compatible export allows you to do renewals ‘quickly, accurately, and through the Internet.’

Information Right Where You Want It!

Users will have the ability to turn information queries into visual map representations and see the results on screen in just a few clicks! The built-in BizLINK™ custom report writer provides pre-defined reports, financials, and estimated revenues along with customer Ad Hoc reports.

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