The New Era of Economic Development

Revenue Enhancement through economic development is a common goal of many communities in California. However, in a post-redevelopment world, city staff expert in economic development have been cut at the same time new innovations must be developed to deliver on city economic development goals.

MuniServices’ Economic Development Consulting Services team can deliver on demand expert knowledge for economic development that moves cities toward more sustainable and healthy communities. MuniServices stands ready to partner with your city to tap into the incredible economic development potential of your community. We will partner with you to define, strategize and implement economic development programs tailored to the needs of your community. Importantly, we help communities develop accurate metrics to measure the efficacy of economic and community development programs.

Key to Success: Experience

MuniServices has partnered with municipalities nationwide – providing in-depth economic and demographic research and analysis to client cities to help them better understand today’s fiscal challenges. Daily monitoring of local, regional, state and national economic news and trends that impact local revenues enables MuniServices to alert clients to trends and issues. The breadth of experienced embedded in the MuniServices team can be leveraged to hit the ground running with new clients.


MuniServices’ Advantage

MuniServices’ staff of consultants and experts create roadmaps and benchmarks for city council and municipal leaders to more accurately make decisions at all levels of governance. MuniServices is pioneering the application of Economic Sustainability Performance Measures: a template for determining return-on-investment (ROI) relating to the efficacy of economic and social programs, to real world municipal scenarios.

MuniServices’ Economic Development Solutions:

  • General Plan elements
  • Cluster analysis
  • Business Outreach & Assistance
  • Stakeholder Forums & Meetings
  • Demographic & Economic Analysis
  • Zoning, Planning and Permitting analysis and revision
  • Economic Development Strategic Plans
  • Economic Development Action & Implementation Plans
  • Economic Sustainability Performance Measures
  • Real Estate Asset & Development Consulting
  • Land Use Consulting
  • Planning & Permitting Process Consulting
  • Public Financing services and consulting

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